Theology With Sandals On

Resources for Lay Theologians

When the children of Israel ate their last supper in Egypt, they did so with their belts fastened, their sandals on their feet and their staffs in hand.  As a self-taught theologian, I’ve tried to keep this in mind, reading commentaries and articles with one ear attuned to the baby monitor, or one hand stirring the pasta.  The needs of my family must always take priority over my love of study, so “Theology With Sandals On” reflects my willingness always to jump up from my desk and attend to lived life.

If you, too, are studying on your own in the midst of “real life,” some of the following may be of help.  Like any academic subject area, theology comes with its own set of terms, concepts, history, and people.  Over the years I have gathered collections of “Who’s Who?” and “What’s What?” in Christian theology to help me keep them all straight.  And if I could cash in all the $5 Words that I’ve added to my vocabulary, I could buy a lot more books.  You’re welcome to borrow (but I encourage you to start collections of your own based on the particular direction of your studies!).

Check out the Articles shelf as well for accessible introductions to topics in the study of theology, all springing from my own experience sorting these concepts out on my own.  (I know what it’s like to need three dictionaries at my elbow just to understand an article!)  Further supports of all kinds will be found on the Intermediate Studies shelf, where you may also submit questions and requests if you don’t find what you’re looking for.  Be encouraged to keep digging!