Theological Tomes

(Fat books full of lofty words for lowly pirates)

These are short takes on titles that I’ve read.  Books are listed alphabetically by author’s last name. If I have written a longer and more detailed review already, a link is included.  Many such reviews are intended; if you would like to hear more soon about any particular book, let me know in the comments below.  First-time commenters will have to be screened, so don’t be surprised if your note doesn’t pop up immediately.


Author:  Beale, Greg and D. A. Carson
Title:  Commentary on the NT Use of the OT
Publication Info:  Baker Academic, 2007 (1239 pp.; index of “Scripture & Other Ancient Writings” in back.)
Subject Matter:  OT citations, allusions, and “echoes” in the NT, addressed book by book and discussed with regard to their original context, their historical use in Judaism, and their NT setting.
Intended Audience:  Pastors, Bible teachers, etc.
Best Thing(s):  Historical and canonical contexts helpfully filled in.
Worst Thing(s):  When it falls on your foot.
Recommendation:  Get it.  Use it.  Try not to drop it.