Reviews of Books You’d Rather Not Read Yourself 

* Theological Tomes

* Women’s Studies

* Popular Christian

* Et Cetera

* PB’s Top 10

It’s been my observation that Teaching Elders (a.k.a. pastors) have to be choosy about their reading selections, given limited time and mental energies.  You are most likely to read books that are relevant to your current teaching topics, books you know you will personally enjoy, and books that your best friend recommends.  This leaves a hefty pile of books unread, some of which you may guiltily feel you “ought” to know the contents of.  Why not outsource a little?

The pages above contain brief summaries of books you’d maybe rather not read yourself, with links to more thorough reviews if I’ve written them.  Books are listed by the author’s last name.  I have tried to evaluate each with an eye to their theological orthodoxy, readability, and content.  (Please pay special attention to the material for women’s studies: it’s also been my observation that few pastors have the stomach to make their way through some of the more popular publications for women, and probably somebody should.)

You are welcome to suggest a book for me to read and review!  Give me the author and title in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do.  Any reading level is comfortable for me (with the exception of Germans in translation — they are still a bridge too far).  Remember that first-time commenters will need to be screened, so your suggestion may not pop up immediately.

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