The Book of Hebrews

These volumes of notes and other materials represent the fruit of two years of research and teaching on the book of Hebrews to about a dozen faithful friends at my church.  In these pages you will find helpful explanations of the tricky bits and the beautiful features of this letter, as well as many activities created for independent study.  I also put together over 500 thoughtful text- and reason-based discussion questions for you to use if you happen to be leading a study of Hebrews yourself.

  — A Reader-Friendly Commentary on Hebrews —

Explanations, observations, and thoughtful questions to support any student of Hebrews.  I have divided these notes according to the chapters covered.  Each volume includes a Table of Contents so you can locate discussions of particular passages more easily.  These notes draw on my own observations and interests, and they are also informed by the scholarly commentaries of John Calvin, Peter C. O’Brien (2010), and F. F. Bruce (1990), with additional help from George Guthrie’s article on OT passages used in Hebrews in G. K. Beale’s and D. A. Carson’s Commentary on the New Testament’s Use of the Old Testament.  (Resources are imperfectly cited in these as yet unedited documents, so I have included a separate bibliography on the list below!)

> More Resources for Independent Study<


  • Hebrews Study Discussion Questions (.pdf)  A collection of over 500 questions that I developed for use in our two-year-long live study.  Nearly every one of these questions directs the student to consider details of the text, its context in the book or the canon, or reason and good sense rather than merely opinion or experience.  Useful for the independent student as well.  Except for the trickier bits, I did not include notes or answers, so you still have to do your homework!  (39pp. with Table of Contents, questions divided according to chapters).  

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