Short Takes (Self-Paced Studies)

These brief (1-3pp.) Bible studies could become add-ons to something you are already studying, or you could try out one or another of them when you’re at loose ends and need some ideas or direction for your learning.  Most can be completed in just a couple sittings.  The general goal of these activities is to increase your fluency with biblical teaching, usually through the exploration of a particular topic. 

>  A Stranger to the Covenant  Some reflections on Ruth’s experience of being grafted into the family of Israel.

>  General and Special Revelation  Research what the Bible has to say about these two categories of God’s communication.

> Royal Imperatives Find out what “marching orders” are in the Sermon on the Mount and Ephesians 4-6.

> Stepping Stones of Promise  Trace God’s promise of a Coming One through the Old Testament.

> What is Jesus doing NOW??  (In case you’ve ever wondered!)

Your Enemy, the Devil  Make sure you get the truth about the Father of Lies from a reliable source.

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