Entry Level Lesson Materials

[N.B. — only the “Bible as a Book,” Paul w/ Ephesians, The Gospel of Luke,  & my Acts studies are on the shelf at the moment.  3.26.15]

These lesson plans and resources were created to support a class of adults who were new to the Bible or returning to it for the first time since childhood.  The outlines were designed to be used by teachers who have varying amounts of previous experience and planning time.  The teaching notes are open-ended enough to allow for the original contributions of those who have the time to plan, while also being thorough enough to support elders and others who are just beginning to develop their “aptitude to teach” or who are working with a time crunch.

Each link below takes you to a page where you can access sets of teacher outlines for a unit of study.  You will be able to view individual lessons or look at the complete set of lessons for a unit in one file.  Files are offered in both PDF and Word formats.  You have full permission to alter them to suit your needs.

Most lessons were designed to cover a 45-minute interactive Sunday school session and include a reproducible sheet for student notes.  (You may find that many of the lesson plans include more material than can be covered in the given time, since the pacing of interactive classes can vary widely!) 

* The Bible as a Book (4 lessons) — Locating books, OT, NT, genre, biblical history timeline.

* History of Bible Times (11 lessons) — Vocabulary, culture, individuals, etc. from OT, NT, & intertestamental periods

* The Gospel of Luke (52 lessons — no kidding, enough for a whole year!)

* The Life of Paul & Ephesians — a collection of lessons and student response sheets based on  Acts and Ephesians.

* Being the Church — Sacraments, worship, preaching, church government, etc.

* The Life of Faith

* The Book of Acts (.pdf) — This packet was designed to be a middle-schooler’s self-paced independent Bible study, but it would be suitable to pass along to any adult who feels out of their depth with regular Bible study publications.  The intent here is to expose the reader to the story of Acts (whether read or on a recording), while helping them to pay attention to details about people, places, and the Trinity.  (15pp.)

The Book of Acts (.docx)