Advanced Study Resources

These materials are mostly the fruits of my own curiosity.  They may be helpful to pastors or other teachers seeking answers to similar questions.

Surveys of Biblical Topics

* Preaching, Signs & Wonders in Acts  This is an original study prompted by the question of whether the NT itself bears witness to a shift from word-and-wonder-based faith to faith based on hearing/reading the words (without the “special effects”).

* Testing and Tempting — dokimazō and peirazō: Survey of NT usage of these Greek terms.

* “WHERES” in the Gospel of John This is an original study prompted by the observation that the Gospel of John is replete with locational and directional prepositional phrases that convey significant theological information about Jesus, the Father, believers, and unbelievers.  Both stasis and movement are represented in these charts.

* Parables in the Synoptics  A one-page chart listing the parables of Jesus told in all three Synoptics, with attention to their chronological and geographical setting during his ministry.

* Lukan Parable Prompts  A one-page chart listing the parables in Luke that begin with a situation-specific “prompt.”

* The Geography of Jesus  A two-page visual organizer of the geographical regions of Jesus’ life and ministry across all four Gospels.

* Invitational Imperatives  A one-page chart listing the 1st-person-plural (“let us”) commands in the NT Epistles.  See also my Bible Journal post on this topic!

* Themes in 1 John: Visual Organizer  Five charts detailing the words of John’s letter according to five major themes: KNOWING, LOVING, OBEDIENCE & DISOBEDIENCE, BELONGING, and JESUS.  Verses are listed by chapter & usually paraphrased.  A handful of “thinking questions” is included for each theme.

If you would like to request research on a certain topic, whether biblical or from the historical development of interpretations, I would be happy to lend a hand.  Just contact me through the comment box below.  (First-time commenters will need to be screened, so don’t be surprised if your note does not pop up right away.  If you’d like to get in touch by email, tell me so — I can see your email once you comment, so you don’t need to include it in your message.)

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