Biblical Literacy for Adults:

Entry-Level Materials:  These lesson plans and resources were created to support a class of adults who were new to the Bible or returning to it for the first time since childhood.  Along with specific book studies, these plans include units on Redemptive History, the Life of Faith, the Bible as a Book, and the Historical Context of the Biblical stories.  These outlines were designed to be used by teachers who had varying amounts of previous experience and planning time.  They are open-ended enough to allow for the original contributions of those who have the time to plan, and they are thorough enough to support elders and others who are just beginning to develop their “aptitude to teach” or who are working with a time crunch.

Intermediate: These resources were developed to supplement Bible studies and speaking engagements over the past several years.  The book of Hebrews was a particularly fruitful focus for two years, and the volumes of notes are included on this page would be useful to anyone teaching this complex letter or studying it independently.  Other materials include timelines, self-evaluation exercises, and short independent Bible studies that reinforce the big-picture story of redemptive history.

AdvancedA handful of fruit from my own curious research projects, distilled into visual organizers.