Essays & Talks by Paige

Talks given by Paige

Thirty-minute lectures on the theme of redemptive history (the big-picture story of the Bible).  Note that although these talks were given in the context of a women’s Bible conference, the content is not gender-specific.  Please alert me through the home page if any of the links are broken.

“Beginning With Moses:  Jesus’ Story from Genesis to Revelation”  — MP3– (Oct. 2012, Women in the Word:  A Workshop)

“Connecting the Dots: Preaching the Big Picture in Acts 13” –MP3– (Oct. 2013, Women in the Word: A Workshop)

“God’s Blessing to the Nations:  Connecting the Dots in redemptive History” –MP3– (Oct. 2014, Women in the Word: A Workshop)

“Traces of the Christ” — AUDIO w/ SLIDES — (Oct. 2015, Women in the Word: A Workshop)

“Seeing a Tree and Remembering the Forest:  On a Studied Reading of Scripture” — AUDIO w/ SLIDES — (Oct. 2016, Women in the Word: A Workshop)

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Essays by Paige

A Necessary Gift:  Ordained Leaders and the Transmission of Wisdom An exploration and biblical exposition of the benefits of ordained leadership in the church, contrary as this arrangement is to the American spirit of autonomy.  Originally published in Modern Reformation Magazine.

Coping with Protestantism’s Dangerous Idea: A Rubric for Evaluating Competing Interpretations If you have ever wondered how one can possibly judge between the many competing interpretations of biblical passages prevalent in the Protestant church, this essay may help to at least lay out the evaluative process in a reasonable way for you.

Making Sense of Inspiration:  Some Notes for the Nervous Those who confess biblical inerrancy are convinced of  the “dual authorship” of the Scriptures.  Both man and God are involved in the transmission of God’s thoughts into writing; but to what extent has each influenced the biblical text?  In treating this question of inspiration, this essay compares the approaches taken by Peter Enns in Inspiration and Incarnation (2005) and Richard Bauckham in Jesus and the Eyewitnesses (2006).

Reading between the Trees:  The Bible from Beginning to End An introductory essay to the big-picture concept known as “redemptive history.”   Originally published in Modern Reformation Magazine.

To Dust Ye Will Return  This whimsical bit of satire treats the all-too-earthly reality of the Ivory Tower existence.