Architexture: Photo Backgrounds

Cathedral9Like the original acrylic illustrations on the “Library Walls,” this collection of visual art arises out of my desire to combine truth and beauty in the things that I undertake at my church.  I happened to pick up the odd job of preparing slides  for our Sunday services, and my eye began to be trained to find textures in the environment — both natural and man-made — which could be placed behind text to enhance the viewer’s experience.  All of these photos were taken by me and mine, and you are free to use them without reference to their source if they would add whimsy or beauty to your own visual presentations.

Cathedral11    Cathedral10   Cathedral8   Cathedral7   Cathedral6   Cathedral5   Cathedral4   Cathedral3   Cathedral2   Cathedral1   Turtle   TreebarkRed   SierraTreeroots   Sierratree3   Sierralake4   SierraStoneDark   Sierra Grass   SierrabarkDark   Seattle Forest   Riverstone2   Riverstone1   PineconesBlue   Longwood Path Sepia   LG Path   LG Lily   HmBd1   Gloveys   HensNChicks2   Gateway   Brick1   AshlandDoor2   AshlandDoor1   Sunset   Compass Rose 1   Leviathan2

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