Speaking Engagements

If your church or group is looking for a visiting Bible teacher for a day-long conference or a longer retreat, consider the details below and let’s talk about a potential fit.  I am not a “motivational” speaker, but a specialist in biblical literacy and the equipping of believers to read God’s Word reverently, reasonably, and joyfully.  

Theological Convictions
I believe in the inerrancy and infallibility of the Scriptures, Old and New Testaments.  My theological convictions are Reformed (as described in the Westminster Confession of Faith), though Calvinist distinctives will not always be explicit in what I teach.

Pedagogical Commitments
I believe strongly that adults, like children, need large learning tasks broken down into manageable portions.  My goal is to remove some of the barriers to thoughtful Bible study by offering historical, geographical, and grammatical background information, teaching adults strategies for using supportive resources to answer curious questions, and encouraging both newcomers to the Bible and long-time scholars to reach for the next level of study.  In addition to the spoken word, I provide original power point slides to illustrate every talk.

Talking Topics
My talks always focus on learning the biblical text, either from a wide-angle or a zoomed-in perspective.  You are welcome to suggest something, or choose from the list below.

  • Connecting the Dotsan endless number of big-picture talks that address the sweep of redemptive history via different entry points (types, motifs, geography, themes, prefigurings of Jesus, etc.)
  • The Book of Hebrews — an overview with emphasis on particular themes
  • Synoptic Studies — comparative studies that trace the chronology and geography of Jesus’ life
  • Twenty Questions — a series of engaging questions (not necessarily twenty!) that offer training in the use of Bible study supports 

Speaking Structure
I have experience speaking in both half-hour and 45-minute blocks, but I could fill longer sessions if needed.  I am usually very exact with my timing.  I like to vary my instructional approach between interactive and lecture styles, depending on your needs and the time allotted for these talks.  I can also provide study exercises for small groups in breakout sessions between talks.   I am comfortable speaking to mixed groups as well as women’s groups.

Speaking Samples
The links below will connect you with recordings of 30-minute talks on redemptive history, delivered to participants at the Women in the Word Workshop in Willow Grove, PA over the past few years.

“Beginning With Moses:  Jesus’ Story from Genesis to Revelation”  — MP3– (Oct. 2012, Women in the Word:  A Workshop)

“Connecting the Dots: Preaching the Big Picture in Acts 13” –MP3– (Oct. 2013, Women in the Word: A Workshop)

“God’s Blessing to the Nations:  Connecting the Dots in redemptive History” –MP3– (Oct. 2014, Women in the Word: A Workshop)

“God’s Blessing to the Nations:  Connecting the Dots in redemptive History” –AUDIO w/ SLIDES– (Oct. 2014, Women in the Word: A Workshop)

“Traces of the Christ” — AUDIO w/ SLIDES — (Oct. 2015, Women in the Word: A Workshop)

Down to the Details

  1. Availability: At present, I am only able to consider invitations from MD, DE, and eastern PA, with at least 2 months notice.  My availability will depend on distance and time of year.  (But if you are intrigued and located elsewhere, let’s talk.)
  2. Speaking Fees: are negotiable.
  3. Equipment:  My needs will include a digital projector, a screen, and a large writing surface (chart paper, white board, or chalkboard).
  4. Travel & Accommodations: If it’s necessary for me to stay overnight in your area, you will need to cover my travel and lodging expenses.   I will also need some specific things in place in order to mitigate some sleep and dietary challenges: (1) a private room and (2) the ability to either bring, store, and heat up my own food or access to a supermarket where I can buy what I’ll need to eat for the duration of the engagement.
  5. References:  please contact me at  paige.one.speaking@gmail.com if you would like personal references from those who have engaged me as a speaker in the past.  Before I accept an invitation, I will require that you in turn provide me with verifiable information about your church or group.  I reserve the right to turn down any invitation at any time out of concerns for safety or suitability.
  6. Contact: please contact me at paige.one.speaking@gmail.com for more information and availability.