A Friendly Intro to Biblical Theology

Three talks that introduce the “big-picture” of biblical history…

 “Beginning With Moses:  Jesus’ Story from Genesis to Revelation”  — MP3– (Oct. 2012, Women in the Word:  A Workshop)

“Connecting the Dots: Preaching the Big Picture in Acts 13” –MP3– (Oct. 2013, Women in the Word: A Workshop)

“God’s Blessing to the Nations:  Connecting the Dots in redemptive History” –MP3– (Oct. 2014, Women in the Word: A Workshop)

I’m pleased to be able to share these resources with those of you who are involved in Christian instruction at your churches.  In October 2012, 2013, and 2014 I had the privilege of giving a thirty-minute overview of biblical theology as a plenary speaker for World Reformed Fellowship’s Women in the Word Workshop, held at Calvary PCA in Willow Grove, PA.  (Note that though the context was a women’s conference, the content of my talks was not gender-specific!)  These little talks, and the pages I created to go with them, might be useful to someone you know who is not familiar with the redemptive-historical approach to reading the Bible, but is ready to learn more.  Give one or more a listen and see what you think, and then please pass it along.

These are the handouts that I reference in the first talk:

Soli Deo Gloria!

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