Welcome to the Library!

Providing Unique Resources for Biblical and Theological Literacy

My intent throughout this site is to support serious students of the Bible and theology with resources, observations and explanations that will enrich your study of God’s words — especially if you are diving into these things on your own.  

On these shelves you will find:

Ongoing Bible Journal posts will offer you some of my detailed observations about passages I am studying — think of this as an accessible running commentary from an original mind.  See the sidebar for my latest posts (phone users, scroll all the way down if you don’t see it), and the Subject Catalog to find notes on the specific passages you are curious about.  (You can follow these posts on Twitter @GrassRootsTheo!)

 The Grass Roots Theological Library also exists to provide Reformed pastors, elders, and other teachers with some original resources for promoting biblical and theological literacy in their congregations.  These materials are meant to be unpretentious, user-friendly, and content-rich.  It’s my hope that they are the sorts of things you would create yourself, if only you had the time.

Bookmark this site for future browsing!  There are lots of words here, so take your time getting to know it.

Most of these resources and materials were created by me, Paige Britton.  I am a member of a PCA church in Lancaster County, PA, where I specialize in supporting adult Christian instruction.  I am particularly interested in meeting the instructional needs of adults who are encountering the Bible for the first time, supporting those who have the desire to study the Bible and theology further on their own, and assisting those who are preparing to serve as leaders in the church.  I’m also concerned to support elders who are beginning to exercise their “aptitude to teach.”  (Read more about my background here.)

To the best of my knowledge, these materials reflect the theological convictions expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith and should be compatible with the instructional goals of any Reformed Confessional church.

All materials at this site are copyrighted by A. Paige Britton, unless otherwise noted.  You are permitted to print, copy, and distribute any of them for personal or instructional purposes.  Most materials are available in PDF format.  Some are also offered as Word documents so that you can alter them to suit your needs and preferences.

Feedback, questions, and new assignments are welcome.  Please contact me through the comment thread below.  (First-time commenters will need to be screened, so your first comment will not appear immediately.)


“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.”  Isaiah 40:8

3 responses to “Welcome to the Library!

  1. Michelle Nowicki

    Hi Paige! Do you remember me? I was your penpal in Chicago. I had a dream about you last night and decided to look for you on facebook. Your blog is very interesting. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Lisa Cutler

    I was so blessed and spiritually well-fed by your thorough biblical teaching at our Women’s Retreat this past weekend. It was so good to have you with us. Thank you for providing this wonderful resource to aid in my personal devotions and Bible study time.

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